Information and Directions to the Hash



H3SC Run 567 Wednesday Aug 15

Start location:  310 Steeplechase Ln,
Melbourne, FL 32940

Park in any of the spots on the side of road opposite the homes that do not have numbers. (reserved spots alternate between house #s and blank on the parking stop).

Meet: 6:30 
Hare away: 7:00 
Note time is actual - not s.h.t.

Trail is A to A'. (~ .25 mile separation). There will be a live laid turkey and eagle trail. Turkey is 3.5 miles, eagle about 4.5 miles. Your feet will get wet. Should be dog friendly, but if they're tiny, they might have to swim on the short (6ft wide by shin deep) water crossing. Not much shiggy, but I try to avoid pavement as much as possible.

If anyone is unable to do a 3.5 mile trail, please let me know and I can give short cutting information that will shave it down to < 2 miles.

BRING: whistle, vessel, virgins, bug spray
WEAR: standard hash attire, shirt a minimum. Lolli will have some give aways
ON AFTER: On after at my house nearby for anyone that cares to join.









chments area








chments area