Information and Directions to the Hash

H3SC Run 571    Wednesday September 19

THEME: Pirates! September 19th is international Talk Like a Pirate Day! Cum ready fer bountiful booty on trail!

WHEN: Weds Sept 19, bring yer vessels at 6 haurs past de noonday sun, hares away after we put a 30 minute dent in owr booze boettles!

WHERE: Fer all ye landloving scumbags the shindig begins at Cocoa Village.
First Church-CHRIST Scientist parking lot.
235 Indian River Drive, Cocoa

TRAIL: AYE, Possibly a Turkey slit en thare. A to A.69, mutts be whalecum!

BRING: Pirate apparel or commodities, virgins, yer effin whistle, pretty virgins, appropriate accents! $5, flashlight and vessel

ON AFTER: Time Out Too

Pre-lub Fer yer trail spanking at the Idiot!









chments area








chments area